Jubjub studios is an independent game and app development studio based in the UK, currently a one person outfit venturing into indie game development.

I was drawn to the idea of game design and development because it encapsulates a lot of creative practices into one package, with the final result  benefitting and bringing enjoyment to the user. Creating computer games is the combination of a methodical programming and the creative freedom of design, animation and music; using this to form an interactive experience that can educate and inspire was a really appealing medium for me.

I’ve worked on my own independent games, educational museum interactives, business apps and contracted games and apps from a wide range of clients.


Jubjub Studios will take on contract work to design, code, build and publish your games and apps. We can do everything from concept to final product but are just as happy providing just design or development services. You can see some of our contracted games and apps here.

For all enquiries please email info@jubjubstudios.com or use the form on the contact page.

Julius Bangert